PCNetMonitor 7.1

Monitors 8 critical CPU and network parameters including CPU Usage, Memory Used

PCNetMonitor provides a GUI shown. The resizable GUI consists of a row of eight selectable text labels across the top and a scrolling text box. The text box displays all program status messages as well as the performance data being logged. The GUI also displays tool-tip information when the mouse cursor is placed over any of the controls.
Main features:
-Monitors 8 critical CPU and network parameters including CPU Usage, Memory Used, Disk Used, Memory Fault Rate, Number of Threads, Number of Network Connections, Network Usage in Packets Per Second, Network Bandwidth Usage in Mbps.
-Displays running averages of all performance parameters including averages over periods of 1, 2, 5, 10, and 60 minutes as well as the overall minimum, maximum, and average values for each parameter.
-Generates easy to read log file to record all monitored parameters.
-User can enter desired sample rate and change the rate during monitoring session.
-Excel plotting interface that automatically generates complete set of plots for all monitored parameters.
-User can performed timed tests with precise control over the test duration.
-Provides detailed information on all computer hardware and software settings.
-Can reside in the system tray for long term background monitoring.
-Generates GIF image files from all performance plots.
-Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 (x32 and x64)

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